Sealing and Expunging Fair

Wednesday, January 22, 2020   4-7 PM

FSCJ Downtown Campus – Advanced Technology Center

A criminal record can make it hard to find a job or rent a home. Sealing and expunging stops the public from viewing your record. Pre-register for the sealing & expunging fair by inquiring with the State Attorney’s Office to see if you are eligible to expunge or seal your criminal record. Only cases that occurred in Duval County will be reviewed. Please note, any cases that occurred below the age of 18 require a different process, and will not be processed at this event.  

Please read steps 1 through 3, and if you feel you are eligible, you can submit the form below for consideration.


Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do I have a criminal record or arrest in Florida? YES or NO
2) Have I paid all of the fines and fees associated with my criminal case? YES or NO

If you answered YES to BOTH of the questions in Step 1, you can proceed to Step 2.


Ask yourself this question:

1) Do I have any criminal convictions? YES or NO
Note: If the court “withheld adjudication” then it is NOT classified as a conviction.

If you answered YES to Step 2, STOP

Consult a local attorney for a more detailed examination of your options.

If you answered NO to Step 2, proceed to Step 3. 



Have you PLED GUILTY or NO-CONTEST to any of the following charges?

1) Arson
2) Kidnapping
3) Homicide; manslaughter; Act of Terrorism (§ 775.30)
4) Illegal use of explosives; unlawful use of destructive devices
5) Battery; Aggravated Battery; Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer
6) Robbery; Home-invasion robbery; Burglary of a dwelling; Petit Theft
7) Sexual Battery; Act of domestic violence; Stalking or Aggravated stalking
8) Cruelty to animals; aircraft piracy; Manufacturing any substances in violation of Chapter 893, F.S.
9) Child abuse; Aggravated child abuse; Neglect of a child; Lewd, lascivious or indecent assault or act upon or in the presence of a child under 16

If you answered YES to any of the charges listed in Step 3, you may NOT be eligible to seal/expunge. You cannot have committed one of the special classes of offenses listed above. Consult a local attorney for a more detailed examination of your options.

If you answered NO to all of the charges listed in Step 3, you MAY be eligible to seal/expunge.

Please complete and submit the form below to register your eligibility, and a representative of the State Attorney’s Office will contact you within five business days.

DEADLINE: pre-registrations will be accepted through January 17.

About the Fair

For detailed information about the Seal and Expunge process, contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) at the link below:

For questions about the State Attorney’s Office Seal and Expungement event, call (904) 255-2563 or email or visit 311 W. Monroe Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202.

The pre-registration deadline has passed. 

We will do our best to accommodate as many participants on Wednesday, 1/22 as possible. Please follow us on social media and stay tuned to learn about future events.

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