Human Rights Division

May 2019 Update:

Messages left on the SAO’s Human Rights Hotline are checked and recorded daily during normal business hours. Summaries of each call’s content, when available, and its direction or disposition are recorded. All calls are returned and followed up, unless no caller contact information is submitted.

Summaries of calls to the SAO Human Rights Hotline will be published on this webpage monthly.

NOTE: The categories of “other” and “unrelated” are characterized as follows:

Calls labeled as “other” are considered other issues, topics, or types of cases handled by the State Attorney’s Office, but are unrelated to the SAO Human Rights Division’s investigations or operations (i.e. elder abuse, human trafficking, or law enforcement complaints). Calls labeled as “unrelated” are issues, topics, or complaints not under or within the jurisdiction of the Office of the State Attorney.



Elder Abuse Human Trafficking Police Complaint Other Unrelated Total Calls
March 2019     1   1 2*
April 2019     2 6 3 11
May 2019     2 7   9
June 2019       2   2
July 2019       1   1


*Recording of calls to the SAO Human Rights Hotline under this new process did not begin until March 27, 2019. Therefore, the total of monthly calls is not reflective of the entire calendar month.


Florida’s geography and population unfortunately lend to being a hub of human trafficking and elder abuse — crimes that only continue to increase despite law enforcement’s best efforts.

The Office of the State Attorney the Fourth Judicial Circuit seeks to directly counter that increase with the creation of a Human Rights Division within its Special Prosecution Unit.

A first in Florida, this division is modeled after the United States Department of Justice program and is staffed with talented, dedicated attorneys and investigators who will concentrate on these difficult cases that victimize our community’s most vulnerable residents.

Additionally, this division will review hate crime and officer abuse cases — two rare offenses that require dedicated attention given their sensitive nature.


To provide tips about human trafficking, elder abuse, hate crime, or excessive force, call the office’s hotline at (904) 255-3099 and leave a message.