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Nov. 8, 2017



State Attorney Melissa Nelson announces today that Bobbie Jackson, IV, 21, of Jacksonville, was found guilty by a jury of Armed Burglary and Armed Trespassing.  Jackson now faces a maximum of Life in Florida State Prison. Jackson, a five-time felon, was released from prison less than a year ago and now qualifies as a Prison Releasee Reoffender.

On May 17, 2017, Jackson and another person cut and pried fences to break into Jacksonville Power Sports in the Arlington area to steal merchandise, specifically motor bikes. When police responded to an alarm, Jackson and the other individual fled and jumped a rear fence to hide in a neighboring homeowner’s yard. A K-9 unit tracked Jackson and the other individual to the fence they climbed to reach the neighbor’s yard. Police then found Jackson and the other individual attempting to hide in the neighboring homeowner’s bushes. A semi-automatic handgun was concealed inside a cinderblock. Both Jackson and the other individual were apprehended at the scene.

The case was investigated by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and was successfully prosecuted by Assistant State Attorney Christina Stifler and Trey Atkinson.

Download the official release:
SAO4 Release – Jackson Verdict