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May 13, 2021


State Attorney Melissa Nelson today announces that John Emory Wilson, of Jacksonville, was found guilty by a jury of First-Degree Murder in the death of Dylan McCurdy. Wilson now faces a mandatory sentence of life in Florida State Prison. The Honorable Adrian Soud will set a sentencing hearing the week of June 8, 2021.

On April 1, 2019, homicide detectives with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office responded to Featherwood Drive to initiate an investigation after finding McCurdy deceased on the side of the road from a gunshot wound to the head. A witness identified Wilson by his nickname as a suspect and provided information about the vehicle that dumped McCurdy on the road. The next day, the same vehicle passed the detective as they conducted a witness interview, and a traffic stop was conducted. Wilson was the driver and was arrested on unrelated charges. Despite apparent attempts to clean the car, McCurdy’s blood was found in several areas of the car and its passenger-side window was missing. Other witnesses confirmed Wilson shot McCurdy and disposed of the crime gun prior to the traffic stop by throwing it into Sherman’s Creek from the Wonderwood Expressway. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office dive team found the gun and forensic analysis revealed McCurdy’s blood was on the barrel.

The case was investigated by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and prosecuted by Assistant State Attorneys Lauren Anderson and Chris Huband.

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