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Aug. 29, 2018


State Attorney Melissa Nelson announces that Louise Marie Luning, 57, of Jacksonville, was found guilty by a jury of two counts of Attempted Second-Degree Murder. Luning now faces a maximum of 60 years in Florida State Prison. A sentencing hearing is scheduled before the Honorable Russell Healey the week of Sept. 10, 2018.

Luning is the daughter of one victim, Louise Russo, and the friend of the other victim, Goldie Shahan. The three resided together in the Sandalwood area but had a contentious living environment due to constant arguments about money. Luning was removed from the deed to the home and her mother attempted to kick her out. On Dec. 14, 2017, an argument occurred and escalated to the point that police were called. The next morning, the victims went to the courthouse to begin the eviction process. When they returned home, Luning was angry and suspicious, which led to an argument. After a brief cooling-off period, Luning retrieved a firearm and initiated another argument. She fired one shot at Russo, with the bullet striking her chin. Luning then attempted to shoot Shahan, but the gun jammed. Shahan then initiated a struggle to get the gun away from Luning. Russo was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. Her treatment is ongoing.

The case was investigated by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and is being prosecuted by Assistant State Attorneys Lauren Marie Huish and LaTesha Campbell.

Download the official release:
SAO4 Release – Luning Verdict

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