State Attorney Melissa Nelson announces that Michael Ray Haim, 53, of Waynesville, N.C., was found guilty by a jury of Second-Degree Murder. A sentencing hearing will be scheduled before the Honorable Steven B. Whittington at a later date.

Michael and Bonnie Haim had been married for over five years when Bonnie went missing on or about Jan. 6, 1993. The two had a 3-year-old son, Aaron, at the time of Bonnie’s disappearance. Bonnie planned to leave her husband with Aaron and had secured an apartment several days before she disappeared.

On Jan. 7, 1993, Bonnie’s car was found at Jacksonville International Airport with a unique shoe impression on the driver’s side floorboard. That size-10 shoeprint matched a pair of distinct shoes Michael owned. On Jan. 8, 1993, Aaron was interviewed by a Child Protection Team and gave several statements about Michael harming Bonnie. An extensive investigation resulted in no suspect other than Michael Haim. No arrest was made and Michael left Jacksonville. He later lost the rights to the Northside home in a civil lawsuit to Aaron, who was raised by adoptive parents.

On Dec. 14, 2014, Aaron was making repairs to the home when he removed a poorly constructed concrete slab in the backyard, unearthing a decomposed skeleton. After DNA testing, the skeleton was revealed to be Bonnie’s and the cause of death was ruled to be homicide.

“This case has been about finding the truth and seeking justice for Aaron and everyone who loved Bonnie Haim,” said State Attorney Melissa Nelson. “Both were achieved today.”

The case was investigated by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and was prosecuted by Assistant State Attorneys Alan Mizrahi, Mac Heavener, and Sam Friedman.

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