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Dec.13, 2018


State Attorney Melissa Nelson announces that Richard Camp, of Yulee, was arrested Dec. 13, 2018, by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office on charges of Organized Fraud and Money Laundering following an investigation by the State Attorney’s Office. This arrest follows a State Attorney’s Office investigation that led to the Dec. 3, 2018, arrest by State Attorney’s Office investigators of Gretchen Camp, of Yulee, on charges of Grand Theft.

The two are married and their crimes are related.

Gretchen Camp worked as an accountant with Swisher International Inc., located in Jacksonville. In late 2017, she created fake invoices for a business located in Macon, Georgia, owned by a friend of Richard Camp’s. The invoices are estimated to be approximately $4 million to the business that offered no services to Swisher. She was arrested Dec. 3, 2018, on charges of Grand Theft.

Richard Camp worked closely with his wife to organize the scheme and used the funds for personal purchases. Since the first theft in September 2017, Richard Camp purchased nine vehicles, some of which appear to be antique collectibles, in addition to other personal items. Camp has been unemployed for some time.

Further investigation resulted in issuing a subpoena to Bank of America, which revealed large sums of money had been transferred from the business that took Swisher’s payments to a joint account of Richard and Gretchen Camp. Check signatures appear to match Richard Camp’s. Additionally, a wire transfer of $500,000 from the joint account was made to purchase a Fernandina Beach condominium in the couple’s names. Richard Camp was arrested Dec. 13, 2018, on charges of Organized Fraud and Money Laundering.

The cases were investigated by the State Attorney’s Office with assistance by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office. Both cases will be prosecuted by Assistant State Attorney Joe Licandro, Special Prosecution division chief.

Download the official release:
SAO4 Release – Richard Camp Arrest

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